'Water' in Yosemite original painting


'Water' in Yosemite original painting


Painted while camping on the edge of Yosemite National Park on my birthday in February 2018 on unceded Ahwahnechee / Miwok territory by the site of an old village.


Because of the drought, the temperatures were warm, and the grass dry as a bone. So, we did not make a fire on which to cook our food. Nor did we need one to stay warm.

Many of the big Ponderosa Pine trees were dead from natural disease which is currently sweeping the forests of the west.

The creek was not at a winter’s roar. Nor was there much snow anywhere except the highest peaks. This painting was made while reflecting on water, fire, climate change, the constant shifts on the land and our human relationship to it.

I reflected on how water is a teacher of impermanence.

Hence as spoken by Heraclitus:

You can’t step in the same river twice. Nor even once, for that matter. As the water is constantly moving, it’s contents constantly changing, it is only our naming that makes it a static thing.


6 in wide

9 in tall

gouache on black paper


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