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Signal Fire Residency / Bitterroots : Oregon, Montana, Idaho

Coyote Was Going There: Wide Open Studios Summer Immersion Residency via Signal Fire out of Portland, Oregon. 

From Website:

"Our 2017 theme of folklore and storytelling looks to ways in which these traditions inform our relationship to place, peoples, and the natural world. Through the lens of oral histories and written stories, we will examine the naming of places, claims to land ownership, histories of contested landscapes, and ties to natural resources. This year’s Summer Immersion Trip takes us to the Nez Perce homeland of Eastern Oregon’s Blue Mountains and the Idaho/Montana Bitterroots. The legends of the Nimi’ipuu will provide an introduction to this land of rugged mountains, clear streams and thickly timbered forests. As we hike and camp throughout the region, we will introduce stories from French fur trappers, Chinese gold miners and others who have shaped the land and influenced the culture in these mountains. We will also discuss the role of artists as storytellers and consider how it contributes to a deeper understanding of The American West."

Signal Fire

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Jim Croft Old Ways / Santa, Idaho

"Old Ways of Making Books" class with Jim Croft on his homestead in the woods of Santa, Idaho.

Books from the "Ground Up"

Time to work with Jim and Melody on traditional paper making (no machines), growing, processing and spinning flax fiber for use in book making, making 'parchment' or rawhide from deer skins to use in books, learning medieval and islamic bookbinding techniques using traditional fibers, processing animal skins to make natural leather for book making, learning to use bones to make tools and parts of books,  and more. 

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Henbane : Country Womyn Revisited book release at BAMPFA

Book release of collaborative intersectional feminist and DIY magazine project titled "Henbane" at the Berkeley Art Museum in Berkeley, CA. It is based on the former Country Women magazine printed in the 1970's in Albion, CA. We curated the project at Salmon Creek Farm in Albion, one of the communes that members of the original editorial collective lived during the time of Country Women's heyday. We have redone the magazine, paid homage to the things we liked and done away with the things that needed improvement and came up with our own version.  Some of the original contributors have written for the new magazine. This is a project that has been nine months in the works.

Photo: Some members of the County Womyn / Henbane collective chatting with the elder writers of the Country Women magazine at Salmon Creek Farm in January 2017.
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