Through the Ground Shots Project, I am releasing extensive ethnobotanical profiles. These unique write-ups are based on plants I have spent the most time getting to know over the years, or have sparked my interest. I incorporate first hand experience, the experiences of others communicated to me, extensive personal research into history, botany, archaeology, philosophy, culture and more. 

I also continuously update these profiles with new pictures, information, or links with the hopes of providing extensive archives on these plants over time.

I acknowledge that I cannot speak for the plant knowledge and perspectives of indigenous peoples whose stolen land I walk and study on- but I try my best when I can in these profiles to note who had/has relationships with which plants and when, and often including different language names. I am open to feedback as to how to do this more and differently, so please do email me, or leave a comment on a profile if you have any thoughts about this and would like to share them.

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